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Procure and Pay for Gifts Awards and Incentives

Before you procure a gift, award or incentive

Contact Christian Carnahan at 426-2964 if you have further questions.

After you procure a gift, award or incentive

  • Present the gift, award or incentive (please see next item, you may need to obtain the recipient’s signature)
  • If the value of the gift/award/incentive exceeds $100 for an employee or $250 for a non-employee, complete the Gift/Award/Incentive Form to Determine Taxability/Reportability to Recipient (remember to obtain signatures from the recipient or two (2) Boise State employees)


Policy 6230 – Gifts/Awards/Incentives (rev 12.13)
Gifts Awards Matrix (rev 7.21)
Gift Award Incentive Form Gift/Award/Incentive Form
Tutorial On How to Fill Out the Form (PowerPoint)
Summary of Changes that occurred in 2011 (PDF)
FAQs for Gifts, Awards and Incentives (PDF)

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