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Procurement and Vendor Services Document Matrix


Reference the table below to determine what documents are needed for the P2P process you are working to complete.

Transaction Type Required Documentation - (Documents listed below must be provided in order to have the transaction processed.) Optional Documentation - (Documents listed below are not required in order to have a transaction processed but often result in faster processing times)
Travel  Authorizations - If combining personal travel with business travel then a price comparison is required.
- Conference information (Links to registration)
- PDF of Conference information (agenda, timeline, etc)
Expense  Reports  - Travel - Copies of receipts for reimbursable items
- Itemized receipt and payment receipt
- Flight itinerary
- Mileage Log
- Per diem calculator
Expense  Reports  - Non - Travel - Itemized receipts
Expense  Reports  - Meals & Refreshments w/ Candidates or Visitors - Itemized receipts
- Payment receipts
- Event  Expense  Summary
- Candidate/Visitor Itinerary
Requisitions -- Supplier Quote(s)
- Contracts/Agreements (Boise State contract template or Supplier contract and/or agreements, including supplier contact name, phone number, and email drafted by OGC)
-  Request  for  Sole  Source  Justification  form
-  Request  for  Bidding Exemption  of  Scientific  Research  Equipment 
-  Excess,  Salvage,  or  Trade-In  Form
- Terms and Conditions from Supplier
- SARB approval if applicable
Corrections - For Multiple Correcting Entry Request, the MultipleCorrections excel file
Independent  Contractors -PreWork- Independent Contractor Classification Request
- Note: Invite the vendor to enroll through PaymentWorks once ICCR is submitted to speed up the process.
Independent  Contractors
- PostWork
- Supplier Invoice
- Contract/Agreement
P-Card - Itemized Receipts
- Travel Purchases: Provide a Travel Authorization or TA #, or other supporting documentation for
non-employee travel.
- Meals, Refreshments/Events: Include  Event  Expense  Summary (and listed supporting documentation)
Supporting documentation required by your area (i.e. gift, event-related or other purchases requiring additional approvals)
Invoice Payment with Supplier Invoice- Supplier Invoice
Invoice Payment to reimburse a Non-Employee- Non-employee Reimbursement Request form excel file saved in PDF format
- Event Expense Summary
- Mileage Log excel file
- Reimbursable Receipts
- Event Flyer
Invoice Payment to a Non-employee student- Non-employee Reimbursement form saved in PDF format
- Event Expense Summary
- Reimbursable Receipts
- Mileage Log excel file
- Participation Agreement
Invoice Payment for a
non-compensatory payment to a non-employee
- Event Flyer
- Award Agreement/Flyer
Purchase Order Payment Approvals- Supplier Invoice- Credit Memos
Internal Payments- Internal Payment Template excel file