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Temporary Labor/Staffing Services

There are nine vendors that can provide temporary labor and staffing services on a “mark-up” basis. You as the department choose the rate you would like to pay for a position, multiply the rate by the percentage mark-up per the table below for each respective vendor and category, and that is the hourly rate you will be invoiced.

Example: You elect to pay $15/hr for a Technical Records Specialist 2. The vendor markup is 26%.
Laborer gets = $15 per hour
Vendor gets = $3.29 per hour [$15 x 0.26 = $3.29]
Boise State Invoiced = $18.29 per hour [$15.00 + $3.29]

State Contract Vendor - Region 31.) Administrative Support2.) Commercial/
3.) Healthcare4.) Professional Services
22nd Century Technologies, Inc
Contact Information
BuzzClan, LLC
Contact Information
COGENT Infotech Corporation
Contact Information
ATHENA Consulting, LLC
Contact Information
Ask IT Consulting, Inc
Contact Information
ProPEOPLE Staffing Services, Inc
Contact Information
Express Employment Professionals
Contact Information
26%28%Not Offered24%
Beatty's Services Inc
Contact Information
25%Not OfferedNot Offered25%
Personnel Plus, Inc
Contact Information
21.75%Not Offered21.75%21.75%
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