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Internal Payments

Payment for goods and/or service(s) that take place between Boise State departments.

Getting Started

What do I need to know before getting started?

  • If you need to bill an external customer for goods/services your department provided, visit the Accounts Receivable training portal page for more information. An external customer is any individual or organization outside of Boise State University.
  • The Department/Internal Supplier providing the goods or service(s) is responsible for submitting the Internal Payment request and retaining copies of documentation related to charges.
  • The Department receiving the goods or service(s) is responsible for providing the appropriate funding segment string to the department proving the goods or services. Decisions regarding funding segment string are determined by the two departments working together.
  • Do not modify the Internal Payment Campus Template. Modifying the template formatting will result in Internal Payment rejection.
  • Use a new template for each Internal Payment request.
  • Submit the Internal Payment Campus Template on the Internal Payment Request SmartSheet.
  • Once submitted, the Internal Payment request is processed by Payables.
  • Requesters will be notified about the Internal Payment status via SmartSheet notifications.
  • Use the Procure to Pay Wizard to determine which process to follow for different payment types.


Payables – Campus Transaction Dashboard
Use the Payables – Campus Transaction Dashboard to view Internal Payment details like payment status, payment amount, date of payment and funding segment string used to code the transaction. ProTip: Select Internal Payments from the Pay Group filter on this report to view only these types of transactions.

Confirm the accuracy of the funding segment string used for travel related reimbursements. If an incorrect segment string was used to code a transaction, a Payables Correction must be submitted. Visit Financial Transaction Corrections for more information.

Transaction Approval Dashboard
Use the Transaction Approval Dashboard to view approval status information for Internal Payment submitted by your department. This dashboard should be used to identify where transactions are currently at in the approval process or to review the approval history.

Department Financial Summary Review
Prior to approving financial transactions, the department funding source person is responsible for confirming the availability of funds.

For transactions coded to an appropriated fund, run the Remaining Appropriated Budget Report. This report provides a summary of the remaining budget for appropriated funding sources.

For transactions coded to a local fund, run the Local Budget Variance Report. This report provides a summary of the budget and actual expenses for local funding sources.

Appropriated and Local Summary – BvA
The Budget vs Actuals (BvA) Reports should be reviewed at least once per month to monitor department-specific financial activity for combinations of funding segment string values by fund. For more information about BvA Reporting, visit Financial Reporting.


What attachments are required when submitting the Internal Payment Request?

Internal Payment Template is required when submitting an Internal Payment Request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my Internal Payment request get rejected?

An explanation of any rejected Internal Payments will be included on the returned template from Payables.

What are common rejection reasons?

There are three common rejection reasons for Internal Payments

  1. Duplicate Invoice Number. Use a fresh template with each submission to avoid inadvertently submitting the same Invoice Number on an Internal Payment request.
  2. Project Cost Validation Failure. Contact Office of Sponsored Programs for support related to Project Cost Validation.
  3. Invalid Distribution Combination. Use the All Segment Values Report to determine the correct funding segment string to use for your Internal Payment request.

What do I do if the Internal Payment status is “Completed/Partial”?

If you receive a returned template from Payables with a status of Completed/Partial, that means not all lines passed validation and the Internal Payment is partially completed. Any lines with errors will be flagged in the returned template. The requesting department must submit a new template with the corrected line(s) included.

How do I check the status of the Internal Payment?

Use the UFS Request Tracker to check the status of submitted Internal Payments.

Best Practices

What are best practices for submitting an Internal Payment?

  • Use a new Internal Payment Campus Template for each submission.
  • Do not copy and paste content into the template. Copying and pasting from another document can result in formatting errors.
  • Confirm internal supplier numbers are correct. If the billing department doesn’t know their number, please contact a Payables supplier specialist at to determine the correct number.
  • Do not modify the Internal Payment Campus Template. Modifications to the template cause upload errors. Complete the information on the first tab of the template and then upload the Internal Payment Request. After uploading, modify the template and save any internal information on the spreadsheet as needed.
  • If Internal Payment status shows Complete/Partial, the requesting department is responsible for resubmitting the remaining rejected Internal Payment lines for processing.
  • Appropriated funding cannot be used with Revenue account codes. Use the All Segment Values Report to determine the correct funding segment string to use for your Internal Payment request.
  • Surplus accounts (9xxxxx) are not allowed on internal payments, or any Payables transactions.
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