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Webinar: Audio Description as an Aesthetic Innovation

The International Association of Accessibility Professionals recently hosted a Creating Accessible Content webinar series. One of the topics covered was audio description.


This session explored how recent video projects have created access as a part of the whole following the tenets of inclusive design; members of the creative team took responsibility for accessibility as part of the production process eliminating the need to add a separate layer after the fact. The production then become accessible to a wider audience.

This notion allowed filmmakers to meet an obligation for inclusion while incorporating innovative techniques thus increasing the production’s aesthetic viability.

During this webinar, participants learned how to:

  • know/understand the Fundamentals of Audio Description (Joel Snyder, PhD)
  • know/understand the principles of Universal Design
  • know/understand how audio description can be incorporated within media as integral and aesthetic innovation, a “”part of the whole”” as opposed to an accessibility add-on


Joel Snyder, President-Founder/Senior Consultant, Audio Description Associates, LLC-Audio Description Project of the American Council of the Blind

Play Audio Description as an Aesthetic Innovation

Video has closed captions and sign language interpretation. Links to the presentation slides and finished transcript are provided following the video.

Runtime is 59 minutes, and that includes housekeeping and a question/answer session at the end.

Slides and Transcript

Slides and Transcript files are provided by IAAP and open in a new window.

Access the Presentation Slides Access the Finished Transcript