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University IT Accessibility Committee

About Information Technology Accessibility

Boise State University is committed to supporting an information technology (IT) environment that is accessible to all, and in particular to people with disabilities.

The university seeks to deploy information technology that is designed, developed, or procured with accessibility in mind.

An accessible IT environment generally enhances usability for everyone, and in particular for people using access technologies. By supporting IT accessibility, the university helps ensure everyone is able to access, benefit from, and contribute to its electronic programs and services.

University Policy 8140 charges Max Davis-Johnson, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, to designate members to serve on a IT Accessibility Committee to oversee and make recommendations and promote intra-campus coordination on IT accessibility initiatives.

Current Status

The Office of Information Technology is currently working with key university stakeholders to determine the next iteration of the IT Accessibility Committee.

About the Committee

The IT Accessibility Committee is intended to represent a broad range of functional areas and addresses academic, research, and administrative concerns and needs. Max Davis-Johnson, or his delegate, chairs the Committee.

Committee Charge

Authority and Responsibility

Assignment of roles, authority, responsibilities, and accountability to the Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics for achieving policy compliance.


A strategy to address the different needs of the academic, research, and administrative functions and to support IT accessibility for decentralized academic and research activities.


A process to prioritize effort that takes into consideration local needs, practices, and available resources including providing access to centralized IT accessibility support.

Design Process

A strategy to incorporate accessibility into the design and authoring process of digital content.


A procedure to incorporate IT accessibility into the procurement process, including establishment of a formal means for evaluating the accessibility of products or systems under consideration for procurement available on the Office of Information Technology’s Project Management Office website.


A training plan for personnel who develop and maintain electronic information resources, author web content, or make IT-related purchases.

Awareness Campaign

A communication plan and campaign to raise awareness about IT accessibility.

Compliance Monitoring

Processes for monitoring compliance.


An evaluation process to measure effectiveness on an annual basis.

Exception Process

A process for determining exceptions and for ensuring the development, documentation, and communication of effective alternate forms of access.

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