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Manage images with Google Drive File Stream

Following the steps below, Boise State employees can add the repository to their own Google Drive and eliminate the process of downloading images to your desktop prior to uploading to the WordPress Media Library.

Download Google Drive File Stream

  1. Open the Web Image Repository Google Drive folder and sign in with your Boise State email address and login information if prompted.
  2. Right-click the folder name and select “Add to my drive”.
  3. Click Settings (the cog-wheel icon) in Google Drive and download Drive File Stream.
  4. Follow the installation instructions. You will be prompted to sign into Google again using your Boise State login information.
  5. The Drive File Stream will sync with your account.

After the installation process and sync, all your Google Drive documents and folders will be available from your desktop. You can now upload images from your Google Drive directly to the WordPress Media Library as if they had been downloaded to your desktop.

Upload Images to WordPress using Google Drive File Stream

  1. Click Add Media and/or Upload to Media Library.
  2. In the file explorer popup window, find the Google Drive File Steam drive and open My Drive.
  3. If you’ve already added the shared Web Image Repository folder to your Google Drive, you will now find it in the file explorer window. Double-click to open the folder, then open the folder for the appropriate image specifications and select an image for upload.
  4. Click Open to add the selected image to the WordPress Media Library. Add appropriate title and alt text details.
  5. Click “Insert into page” to add the image to your WordPress page or post.