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Countdown Panel

About the Countdown Panel

The Countdown panel allows you to specify a future date and time to present to your readers a visual display of the time remaining.

Countdown Panel Guidelines

  • Review the Recommendations for Accessible Panels page to learn more about requirements for headings, images, links, and media published in this panel.
  • Use of this panel for an undocumented purpose or in a non-standard way is discouraged and may not be supported.

How to Configure the Countdown Panel

  • In the WordPress editor, select Add a New Panel or Live Preview.
  • Select the “Countdown” panel.
  • Title: This is a text field. Content entered here will appear as the panel header text.
  • Accent Title: This is an optional text field. This content appears in a smaller font below the panel’s title.
  • Description: This is a WYSIWYG field, and will display beneath the panel title. This content should be kept brief for design purposes.
  • Countdown Complete Description: This is an optional WYSIWYG field. Content entered here will replace the countdown timer when the countdown is complete. For example, if the panel is counting down to an event, the Countdown Complete Description could read “Thank you for attending The Event! We look forward to seeing you again next year.” If no content is entered in this field, the space will be blank.
  • Link: Add a link and link label to your panel to allow viewers to go to another page to learn more about your event.
  • Target Date: When is the date of your event? Add the data in YYYY-MM-DD format. The time zone will always reflect Mountain Standard Time.
  • Target Time: Enter the exact time of the event using a 24 hour clock in HH:MM format (e.g., 5:30 pm should be entered as 17:30).


  • Custom Language: Language options that will generate markup signifying that content as being in the selected language.

Example Countdown Panel

Let's Count Down!