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Panels is a full-featured visual authoring environment that is integrated seamlessly into Boise State’s WordPress theme. Static and dynamic modular panels can be used together with page templates to create beautiful and engaging page layouts.

Although panels provide a wide range of functionality and layout options, it is important to understand that not all content is suitable for a panel. Consider your audience and the goals for your site to determine when you need the functionality of a panel and when your audience will be best served by standard web content with headings and paragraphs of text.

Panel Accessibility

Before placing your content in a panel, we suggest reviewing the Recommendations for Accessible Panels to learn more about requirements for headings, images, links, and media published in a panel.

Available Panels

Panel Sets

Panel Sets enable content creators to quickly create templates of common panel layouts that can then be reused easily. A panel set template copies both the panels and the content in the panels.

Create a Panel Set from a Page or Post

  1. Add panels as you would to a page
  2. Once you’ve added the panels to the page, Save the page as a Draft
  3. Select Save as Panel Set
  4. The set of panels will then be saved as a “draft” in Tools > Panel Sets
  5. Before using the panel set on a new page, you’ll need to navigate to Tools > Panel Sets, select the panel set, and then select Publish to publish the panel set (removing the draft status).

Now you can use your Panel Set by creating a new page and selecting the panel set from the “Start a new page” section of the panels pane.

Example of accessing a published panel set
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