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iFrame Embed Panel

The iFrame Embed panel allows you to display content hosted on another site or server. An example is displaying a view on the Boise State map, which is located on another website (

Please consider the guidelines listed on this page when considering the iFrame Embed panel.

iFrame Embed Panel Guidelines

  • In order to meet compliance with Boise State’s Web Accessibility policy, and offer the best experience for viewers of all abilities across all devices, please discuss the use of this panel with the WordPress Support team before configuring it on your website.
  • Do not use the iFrame Embed Panel to load content from another page on the website.
  • Review the Recommendations for Accessible Panels page to learn more about requirements for headings, images, links, and media published in this panel.
  • Use of this panel for an undocumented purpose or in a non-standard way is discouraged and may not be supported.

How to Configure the iFrame Embed Panel

  1. In the WordPress editor, select Add a New Panel or Live Preview.
  2. Select the iFrame Embed panel.
  3. Title: This is a required text field. Content entered here will appear as the panel header text and appear as the iFrame title for screen readers.
  4. iFrame src URL: The source URL must contain a valid https:// address.
  5. iFrame Height (in pixels): Enter a value between 650 and 1000 (without the “px”). The minimum height is automatically set to 450px.


  • Custom Language: The default language is English. Language options will generate markup signifying that content as being in the selected language.

Embed Boise State Campus Map View

To show a zoomed in location of the map on your site or a particular section, use Get This View on Campus Map.

  1. Zoom in on a location marker or navigate the categories to find your location on the Campus Map.
  2. Once you have the view that is most helpful to your site visitor, click the Get This View button near the top right of the screen.
  3. Paste the URL into the iFrame src URL field.

iFrame Embed Panel Example

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