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Image + Text Panel

The Image + Text panel gives you a layout for an image, title and a brief paragraph or two of text.

Image + Text Panel Guidelines

  • Use mid-page to introduce new subject matter. This panel is also a good option to use at the top of a page using the Panels template.
  • Follow all Image and Media Requirements and Best Practices.
  • Review the Recommendations for Accessible Panels page to learn more about requirements for headings, images, and links published in this panel.
  • Use of this panel for an undocumented purpose or in a non-standard way is discouraged and may not be supported.

How to Configure the Image + Text Panel

  • In the WordPress editor, select Add a New Panel or Live Preview.
  • Select the “Image + Text” panel.
  • Title: This is a text field. Content entered here will appear as the panel header text. Long words can be allowed to wrap by using a hyphen.
  • Accent Title: This is an optional text field. This content appears in a smaller font above the panel’s title.
  • Description: This is a WYSIWYG field, and will display beneath the panel title. This content should be kept brief for design purposes.
  • Image: Select your image from the Media Library. Optimal image size is 664px x 664px.
  • Call to Action Link: (Optional) If you include a call to action, type the URL, and add a label which becomes the link text.


  • Custom Language: The default language is English. Language options that will generate markup signifying that content as being in the selected language.
  • Layout: The default layout has the image on the left. Choices are Left Aligned Image or Right Aligned Image.
  • Background: The default background color is white. The choices are white, orange, blue, or grey. This selection extends full browser/screen width behind all panel content.


Can introduce new subject matter

Example Image + Text Panel

This is the description area of the Image + Text Panel. For design purposes, keep this text brief.

Optional Call to Action
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