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Video + Text Panel

About the Video + Text Panel

The Video + Text panel is used to embed a hosted video within a panel, complete with a title for the video content, a brief description of the video, and a themed “Watch Now” button.

Video + Text Panel Guidelines

How to Configure the Video + Text Panel

  • In the WordPress editor, select Add a New Panel or Live Preview.
  • Select the “Video + Text” panel.
  • Title: This is a text field. Content entered here will appear as the panel header text.
  • Title Resize? Use this option if the Title includes a long word (12+ characters) that does not fit into the available space on smaller screens. Although this feature will be necessary for some departments and programs, it can impact page load time and site performance if used unnecessarily. This option should be left unchecked unless the Title includes a 12+ character word that exceeds the available space.
  • Accent Title: This is an optional field, and displays additional text above the Title in a smaller font.
  • Description: Enter an optional description about your video. This content should be kept brief for design purposes.
  • Call to Action Button: You have the option of adding a button to provide a call to action (e.g., you might be using a video to entice people to register for a conference…the call to action button could be to the conference’s information or registration page). Enter the URL destination and the desired label for the call to action button.
  • Video: This should be a link to your video; e.g., if the video is hosted on YouTube, paste the “Share” link here.
  • Video Thumbnail Image: You may select any image or upload an image to Media Library. Optimal image size: 900px x 600px.
  • Video Play Button Label: If left blank, an empty white field will appear next to the Play indicator. Please enter a concise and specific label for the play button that provides a brief description of the video. For example, “Watch < title of video>“.


  • Custom Language: The default language is English. Language options will generate markup signifying that content as being in the selected language.
  • Background: Select a background color for the Video + Text panel. The options include white, orange, blue and grey.
Great for video testimonials

Example Video + Text

You can add some call-to-action text to invite the user to read more about a topic. Make sure your call-to-action and video play button text is descriptive.

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