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WYSIWYG Editor Panel

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor Panel provides a layout that can incorporate most of the same content you can use in the WordPress default editor, with the addition of a few options for arranging your content in columns if desired.

WYSIWYG Editor Panel Guidelines

  • Use when you can’t use the WordPress WYSIWYG because you need the content to display below another panel.
  • Use for content that consists of headings with large blocks of text.
  • Use for simple unordered or ordered lists or lists of links.
  • Use for content that doesn’t fit into other panels.
  • Use when you need content to appear in columns.
  • Follow all Image and Media Requirements and Best Practices.
  • Review the Recommendations for Accessible Panels page to learn more about requirements for headings, images, links, and media published in this panel.
  • Use of this panel for an undocumented purpose or in a non-standard way is discouraged and may not be supported.

How to Configure the WYSIWYG Editor Panel

  • In the WordPress editor, select Add a New Panel or or Live Preview.
  • Select the “WYSIWYG Editor” panel.
  • Title: This is a text field. Content entered here will appear as the panel header text.
  • Description: This is a content field. It will display next to the title and above the column content. This content should be kept brief for design purposes.
  • Columns: A default of one column is present when panel is created. If you don’t want to use columns, then just stick with the default of one and your text will appear in a normal block. However, if you want to use columns, you can add up to two additional columns here for a maximum of three columns.
  • Column Content: This is a content field. If you’re using more than one column, keep your column content brief for design purposes.


  • Custom Language: The default language is English. Language options that will generate markup signifying that content as being in the selected language.
  • Display Column Borders: This is a checkbox field. The default for the field is unchecked. When checked, a left border is displayed next to Column content.
  • How to display Description field: This is a formatting option. When “Inline” is selected the panel title will appear inline and to the left of the description content. When “Stacked” is selected, the panel title will appear above and left justified with the description content.

Example WYSIWYG Panel

This is the description for this WYSIWYG Panel. Keep this content brief.

Use this panel to create columns of information on a page.

Remember that you can also utilize the WordPress editor to add basic web content to your page.

This panel can have up to three columns.

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