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Course Reserve Information for Students

What are Reserves?

“Reserves” are materials that your instructor has available for an entire class. Examples of Reserve items include required readings in the form of books, DVDs, videos or technology.

How to Identify Reserve Items?

Items that are physically on reserve – such as books, textbooks, or DVDs – can be looked up via our online catalog and searching there either by instructor’s name or course number under the Library Reserves tab.

Checking out Reserve Items

Ask for physical reserves at the main service desk near the entrance to the library. Have the title of the item ready, and check it out with your Boise State ID just as if you were checking out a regular library item. Loan periods vary depending on your instructor and the item – they may be as short as one hour or as long as one week. At the discretion of the instructor, many reserve materials may be prohibited from leaving the library building when checked out.

Reserve Fines

Late fees are charged for reserve items for the sole purpose of having them available to the entire class. Therefore, if you are late returning a reserves item, fines begin to accrue immediately: $.50/first hour or any part thereof. $.25/hour for subsequent hours, up to a $2 max.