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Walking Directions

  1. Start by facing the indent of the blue light pole. 
  2. Turn around, 180 degrees, and cross the sidewalk. 
  3. Stop when you find grass and turn left. 
  4. Follow the line where the grass meets the concrete until there is break in the grass. About 75 feet. 
  5. Turn right, continuing to follow the line where the concrete and grass meet. 
  6. Continue for approximately 350 feet. 
  7. The next time the grass stops and breaks into concrete. Stop and turn left. 
  8. Follow the sidewalk forward until you reach steps. 
  9. Go up the stairs and through the two sets of glass double doors. 
  10. Once inside, continue forward until you reach a doorway. 
  11. Welcome to the Registrar’s Office. 
  12. Move several feet forward and then turn right. You will find a receptionist desk.


Here is your task.

First introduce yourself to the Registrar’s Desk and tell them that Candice sent you. Now ask them, how do Broncos study?