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We’re Moving WordPress to a New Home

Illustration of server data racks moving to an illustration of a cloud against a backdrop illustration of a two dimensional global map

The Office of Information Technology is moving our Boise State WordPress web environment to a new home by the end of the calendar year.

Pantheon is a hosting provider that works with many universities to host, monitor, and optimize performance for websites, and Boise State has contracted with Pantheon to migrate our websites to their platform. This will provide greater flexibility and support resources, and creates new opportunities as we work through the next year to develop a brand new theme for our websites.

We anticipate there will be no changes in how you use and interact with our current WordPress theme after the migration is complete.

Code Freeze

The final portion of the migration process will involve a “code freeze,” meaning there will be a 48-72 hour period where any web page changes you make will not be reflected in the migrated version of the code.

We’ll inform our WordPress community well in advance as soon as we know when the freeze will occur.

Unused Media

Some of our WordPress sites have been active for 13 years, and in that time our site Media Libraries have grown with each image and file upload.

Media (files and images) that exist in the Media Library but are not being used on any page or post make up a large amount of our overall site size. Much of this media leftover from our legacy WordPress environment that existed prior to 2018, and we need to offload this content in order to reduce our overall site footprint.

Reducing the total size of our web environment is necessary to ensure frequent, reliable backups of our websites.

We are currently assessing tools to help accurately identify media that is no longer being used, and will communicate to our community as soon as we have a plan.


If you have questions or want additional information about our Pantheon migration project, please contact us