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Review Published PDFs in Monsido

In the Monsido Accessibility module, you can review the internal and external documents listed on your site. You have the option to mark a PDF document as reviewed, start an accessibility scan, or request a remediation quote.

Unless granted an exception by the Directory of Web Strategy, all documents published on Boise State’s public facing webpages must meet accessibility requirements either verified through testing or with an accessible web alternative.

Criteria for Exceptions

Exception requests for documents required to support the university’s mission or operations will be reviewed by the Director of Web Strategy and include the following categories:

  • Required by law
  • Required for accreditation
  • Required to support the university’s mission or operations
  • Granted an exception based on its purpose
  • Has a fully accessible web alternative of the content available

Accessing PDFs in Monsido

To access your PDFs in Monsido, navigate to the Accessibility module. From the Accessibility navigation, select PDFs, Internal PDFs, then locate the list of PDFs in the Failed tab of your Internal PDF Compliance report.

To locate the page a particular PDF is published on, open the PDF page report, then select Inventory, Incoming Links.

Review PDFs Decision Tree

Use the following decision tree to determine how to address your PDF documents in Monsido.

1. My document qualifies for an exception request

2. I completed an accessibility review on my document before publishing and resolved any issues

  • Yes – Proceed to step 3
  • No – Complete an accessibility review prior to uploading to the web, for details see Publishing Documents then proceed to step 3

3. All the information in my document is also available on the same webpage

  • Yes – STOP mark this document as reviewed in Monsido by selecting Action, Marked as reviewed.
  • No – Add the content of the document to the webpage then in Monsido, select Action, Mark as reviewed

4. My document can’t be made into an accessible webpage and requires remediation to meet accessibility requirements

  • Yes – Submit a Document for Accessibility Review and include your reason for requesting an exception based on the purpose of this document.
  • If we determine we are unable to remediate the content, you may need to send this out to a third-party for remediation. We will help you find the details on this process as needed.

Questions or Guidance?

If you have questions or need guidance deciding where your documents fits in the decision tree, please reach out to for assistance.

Don’t have a Monsido Account?

Review the Publishing Documents page for information about tools to create accessible documents.