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Find and Optimize Large Images

Large image files increase page load time and negatively impact the user experience on your site. More information about image requirements and best practices.

The “Unoptimized images greater than 5 MB” policy in Monsido can help find large images on your site.

Access the Large Images Report

  1. Login to Monsido.
  2. In the Monsido menu, navigate to Policies, then select “Policy List” and in the search field type “Images” to filter the list.
  3. Select the number of policy hits for “Unoptimized images greater than 5 MB” policy.
  4. The Content with Policy Matches page details a list of pages on your site that have unoptimized images greater than 5 MB; select an individual page title to view a list of images flagged.

Optimize Image Files

Where possible, upload optimized images (less than 1 MB) as you are creating content. If Monsido identifies large images on your site, removing the large image file and replacing it with an image that has been optimized for the web (using Photoshop or other photo editing software) is the recommended process for maintaining the quality of the image. If you need help resizing Boise State photographs, please contact Boise State Visual Services.

Some common image sizes are included in the following table.

Image LocationImage width x height
Card Grid Panel664px x 664px
Section Main Page Header1300px x 687px
Image + Text Panel664px x 664px
Interstitial Panel1600px x 826px
People List Panel200px x 250px
Post Featured Image664px x 664 px
Video + Text Panel900px x 600px
Content outside of panelsNo larger than 1300px x 687px

It is possible to scale images in WordPress however, be aware that this process may negatively impact the quality of the image, so be sure to review scaled images on your site to ensure photo quality is maintained. Images should never be scaled up, only reduced in size.