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Quality Assurance

Web quality assurance (QA) testing is the process of verifying that web content is current and free of errors. High quality content is better for site visitors and more optimized for search engines.

Web Content QA Basics

Web content QA testing should be completed on a regular basis on your site.

  • Utilize Siteimprove reports to identify and resolve broken links and misspellings.
  • Let the Boise State WordPress theme style your text for you. Do not alter the size, color, or font of any text or headings. Be sure to “Paste as text” if you are pasting content in from word processing software to avoid bringing in external font styles.
  • Review content on a desktop and on a mobile device. Is your content optimized for all screen sizes?
  • Keep content updated. Frequent updates to your site’s content will increase search engine optimization. Update or delete outdated pages. Refresh outdated photos.
  • Test your pages in University-supported desktop and mobile browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

QA for Site Optimization

Review the list below for ways to optimize your content and improve user experience on your site.

  • Review potentially outdated documents
  • Now that the WordPress migration project is complete, update links for sites that have migrated to the new URL structure. Updating links will ensure your audience will be able to access the correct information when they click on links on your site.
  • Optimize image files. Use the recommended image size for each content area and optimize image file size. Images should be no larger than 1 mb.
  • Review and update documents on your site. If you have PDF documents on your site, can they be converted to web content? PDF documents are difficult to make accessible and do not provide a good user experience on mobile.


Boise State staff and faculty can request access to Siteimprove reports by submitting a ticket to the OIT Help Desk at 426-4357 or e-mail

What is Siteimprove?

Siteimprove is web governance software that regularly scans the public-facing Boise State WordPress sites and provides insights into how to fix accessibility and content quality issues like:

Accessing Siteimprove Reports

To access the Siteimprove web interface, navigate to If prompted, log in with your Boise State username and password.

Siteimprove Resources

Note that you must be logged into Siteimprove to access these resources.