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Review Potentially Outdated Documents

The “Review documents that might be outdated” policy in Siteimprove can help you find and review older documents on your site that might be outdated. The policy report will help you find Word, PDF, Excel and PowerPoint documents that were potentially uploaded before 2017. This policy applies to documents on Boise State’s site as well as documents that are referenced from a Boise State site, but are hosted on an external website.

Access the “Review documents that might be outdated” Report

  1. Log in to Siteimprove at
  2. In the Siteimprove menu, navigate to Quality Assurance, then select “Summary” and “QA Policies.”
  3. Select the “Review documents that might be outdated” policy from the list of Quality Assurance Policies.
  4. The Policy Details page will provide a list of documents on your site with years older than 2017 in the URL. Use the dropdown arrow in the Pages column to find the corresponding page.
  5. Review the content of the document to determine if it is up-to-date or if the document can be deleted. If the content is still needed, can it be converted to web content?