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Transcript for How to View Top Traffic Sources in Google Analytics 4

[Isaac Coppola, Presenter] Hello, today we are going to be looking at how to view our Top sources within GA4 (Google Analytics 4).

So, starting here on the homepage, we are under the GA4 Global Analytics view, and to view our Top sources what we are going to do is scroll over to Reports.

From here we are going to go into Acquisition and select Traffic acquisition.

Once on the Traffic acquisition page we’re just going to scroll down to the table, and this is going to be automatically
sorted to show us our Session default Channel group on the right. We’ll have these metrics, User sessions, Engage
sessions, and so on.

And to get to our Top sources we are going to look at the Plus sign here, and we’re going to search for Session

Now that we’ve selected that, we now have both Default channel group and the Session source.

If we want to find our Display sources, we can just search for Display, and here we have the top sources for

Now, if you’re not interested in looking at the Session default channel group at all, we can simply change that one to just
show a Session source. So now we’re viewing our top sources for all channels.

Now, for example, if we want to look at Organic search for a specific hostname, this is how we would do that.

We would come add a filter, select Hostname, and then for this video we’re going to use (Major Finder).

Select OK, and select Apply.

Now we can come here and what we’re seeing here is all of our top sources for

What we’re going to do next is change this to Session default channel group, and then we are going to search for
Session source again.

And if we’re looking for Organic search, you simply search for that, and here we go.

Thank you.

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