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Cohort Option Available for Web Tools and Remediation Micro-Certification Badge

Exciting news! If you want to complete the Web Tools and Remediation Micro-Certification Badge but have trouble finding the time or motivation to do so on your own, this new opportunity may be right for you! We are pleased to announce the creation of a new cohort option for the first level badge course.

Participants in the cohort badge course will complete the Web Tools and Remediation badge in a flexible online weekly format. During the cohort, Web Accessibility Analyst Carolyn Quintero is your personal guide through all the requirements of the badge course, and is available to answer your questions as you demonstrate mastery of web accessibility concepts.

Cohort Format and Requirements

This cohort option is still offered in a flexible online environment. This way you can access the course materials on your schedule and complete tasks when it works best for you. The main difference with the cohort is each week you’ll receive:

  1. Reminders and suggestions for completing requirements
  2. Priority registration for workshops
  3. One-on-one assistance if you have questions

Estimated weekly time commitment is 2-4 hours. Upon completion of all requirements, participants receive a micro-certification badge in Web Tools and Remediation.

Weekly Module Topics

1. Welcome and Introductions

This week you’ll get to know your cohort, get to know the online course site, and be introduced to web accessibility.

2. What is Web Accessibility?

This week you’ll complete the online workshop on Web Accessibility at Boise State to learn more about the general topic of web accessibility.

3. User Personas

This week you’ll explore different user personas and how accessible content allows them to read and interact with the web independently.

4. Going Further with Web Accessibility

This week you’ll attend an online screen reader demonstration, and learn more about different types of access technology.

5. Writing Alternative Text

This week you’ll learn more about and practice writing alternative text descriptions for images and media.

6. Using Tools to Locate and Correct Accessibility Errors

This week you’ll learn more about the tools available to locate and correct web accessibility errors including Monsido and various browser extensions before drafting your own accessible web page content.

7. Publishing Accessible Web Content

This week you’ll put your new skills into practice by publishing your accessible web page. If you are new to WordPress you’ll have the opportunity to attend an optional workshop on WordPress Basics or receive one-on-one assistance during the a Drop-In lab.

8. Wrapping Up and Final Reflections

This final week you’ll wrap up the course by reflecting on your journey and identifying your key takeaways from the course.

Register for the Cohort Option

Seats in each cohort is limited to the first 10 participants. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by! Register for the badge cohort today!

Registration is currently closed while we perform updates to the course content.