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Essential Safety and Wellness Resources All Students Should Know

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When choosing a university to attend, it’s crucial for you to consider the aspects of safety, health and wellbeing so that you know how your needs will be met. Boise State is committed to providing a culture of safety on our campus and in the community. We believe access to health-related resources and a holistic approach to student wellbeing is essential for the success and benefit of students. We’ve compiled a list of resources for you to utilize.


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Safety is everyone’s responsibility. BroncoAlert is a phone and text-based system which allows the University to proactively notify students, faculty and staff when an emergency is taking place on or near campus. You might see notifications during critical situations, like weather emergencies, with the potential to affect health or safety.

Public safety works to ensure there is a 24/7 response to crises and emergencies. You can find 70 emergency blue light phones located throughout campus and along the Greenbelt that will call campus security immediately, which you can find on Boise State’s Interactive Map.

Boise State Interactive Map

Download the free Rave Guardian app that allows users to send anonymous text or photo tips to the Department of Public Safety about suspicious or criminal activities witnessed on campus.

Boise State will disclose criminal data and activity occurring on or around campus to the public. You can request a copy of this along with the Annual Boise State University Security and Fire Safety Report.

Boise State’s Campus Assessment Resource and Education (CARE) program helps identify, assess and find solutions for students in need when distressing, disturbing, disruptive and dangerous behaviors are reported to keep everyone on campus safe.


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Students enjoy a “Yoga on the Blue” session

You get to be proactive and make decisions about your own health. Boise State’s Health Services are here to empower you to take your wellness into your own hands with resources and tips on staying healthy.

Stay healthy and prevent the spread of illness

All Boise State students, regardless of insurance coverage, are eligible to receive health services. Health Services provides a full range of primary care, urgent care, comprehensive counseling and wellness services including health coaching to help you find the healthiest lifestyle and health education to learn about mental health from the counseling staff.

The BroncoFit program helps encourage healthy lifestyles with events organized by peer educators and provides information on nutrition as well as mental and sexual health. You can even register for BroncoFit classes to integrate physical activity into your class schedule.

If you are looking for a place to workout and take fitness classes, the Rec Center, located right on campus, is a great facility to take advantage of since a membership is included in students’ tuition.


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You can sign up for the monthly Student Basic Needs Newsletter to keep up-to-date and educated on resources and issues related to students’ basic needs: like food access, self-care and financial freedom.

The easy access Campus Food Pantry is open to any Boise State student with a student ID. Students who are facing food insecurity should not go hungry, so the Meal Assistance Program works with students to give them donated meal swipes to Buster’s Kitchen in the Student Union Building.

Students who are facing financial hardships have the opportunity to qualify for the Student Emergency Fund to continue their education.

We believe that individual self-care is just as vital to your student experience as your academic success, so take advantage of counseling services, health coaching and other opportunities on campus.

Experience the campus culture by reading inspirational and informational stories on the Student Life Blog.


At Boise State, no Bronco is alone in their college journey. Student Outreach is here to support you and connect you to all the resources available. Part of self-care and wellbeing includes asking for help when needed! Check out the list of Boise State’s Student Services to learn more.