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Walking Directions

  1. Facing the indent of the blue light, turn left. Continue to follow the line where the grass/dirt meets the concrete.
  2. The grass/dirt will be broken by a smaller concrete intersection. Pass this intersection and continue to follow the line where the grass/dirt meets the concrete.
  3. The grass/dirt will end again and give way to a larger intersections. Continue forward across the intersection.
  4. The concrete will turn to brick. Continue to walk Northwest over the brick.
  5. Once over the brick and back on concrete, turn left and follow the sidewalk. Be aware, there will be a building on your right and a parking lot on your left.
  6. Follow the sidewalk to the corner.
  7. At the corner, turn right and follow the sidewalk. Again, you can follow the line where the sidewalk meets the grass on the right side of the sidewalk if you want to. There will be one break in this line you will need to skip if you choose to do this.
  8. Follow the sidewalk for approximately 750 feet, until you reach the next corner.
  9. Use the crosswalk signal to cross South Brady Street. You will be heading Northwest.
  10. Once across the street, turn right.
  11. Find where the grass meets the concrete on the left side of the sidewalk.
  12. After only a few feet the grass will break, turn left.
  13. Walk forward until you reach the door to the garage.
  14. Enter Brady Street Garage.
  15. Continue forward and slightly to the left, past a staircase to the right, until you reach another door. Enter this door and immediately turn right.
  16. Walk forward several feet until you find a blue metal box on the right at about chest level.

Congratulations!!! You found the last blue light!


Here is your task.

Find the indent in the pole. Locate the Info button. The Info button is the smaller button above the large button. Push the info button. Campus Security will answer. Introduce yourself and tell them that Candice sent you. Now ask them, How do Broncos get around town?