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Step Up

Walking Directions

  1. Exit the way you came in. 
  2. After exiting the building, find the handrail to the stairs that is furthest to the left. walk down the stairs and continue to walk forward for several yards, until you find grass. 
  3. Then turn left and follow the edge where the grass meets the concrete for several yards. There will be several areas where there is a break in the grass due to park benches. Continue past these. 
  4. When the grass ends again with an intersection, turn left and move to the left side of the sidewalk.  
  5. Again, follow the line where the grass meets the concrete. There will be a break where the grass ends for a few yards, continue past this break until you find the grass again. 
  6. When you reach the second spot where the grass stops, turn right. 
  7. After crossing the sidewalk intersection, stay to the right side of the sidewalk and find the line where the concrete meets the grass again. 
  8. Follow this for several yards. There will be two more breaks in the grass for several yards. Skip these intersection. 
  9. Find where the grass meets the concrete again and follow the line for several yards until the line is broken by a small patch of concrete and a large pole. 

You found another blue light.


Here is your next riddle.

First you have them, then you make them. 

You can give, but never take them. 

You can have too few or too many, 

But it’s worse not having any.