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Purchase Requisitions

A Purchase Requisition is a request to purchase goods and/or services from an external supplier, includes software renewal and service contract renewal.
Typically, these purchases are over P-Card limit.
If you are purchasing with a P-Card click here
Policy 6130: Purchasing

Getting Started

What do I need to know before getting started?

Training Opportunities

Check out Introduction to Requisitions to learn more.

If you are new to Procurement at Boise State, check out the Purchasing 101 course before reviewing the Introduction to Requisition course.


Requisition Search Functionality
Use the search functionality in the Purchase Requisition module to view basic information about Requisitions created and submitted in Bronco Hub. View details like name of the requisition requester, amount of the request and requisition approval status and remaining encumbrance. Visit the Reviewing Requisition Status job aid for more details.

Requisition Lifecycle – Campus Transaction Dashboard
Use the Requisition Lifecycle – Campus Transaction Dashboard to view encumbrance details, associated Purchase Order (PO) number, Invoice number, funding segment string used to code the transaction and other details.

Confirm the accuracy of the funding segment string used for requisitions. If an incorrect segment string was used to code a transaction, a Payables Correction must be submitted. Visit Financial Transaction Corrections for more information.

Requisitions – Campus Transaction Dashboard
Use the Requisitions – Campus Transaction Dashboard to view approval status, reimbursement amount, reimbursement status, date of reimbursement, funding segment string used to code the transaction and other details.

Purchase Orders – Campus Transaction Dashboard
Use the Purchase Orders – Campus Transaction Dashboard to view Purchase Order creation date, related requisition line status, requisition type, funding segment string used to code the transaction and other details.

Transaction Approval Dashboard
Run the Transaction Approval Dashboard to view approval status information for Requisitions submitted by your department. This dashboard should be used to identify where transactions are currently at in the approval process or to review the approval history.

Department Financial Summary Review
Prior to approving financial transactions, the department funding source person is responsible for confirming the availability of funds.

For transactions coded to an appropriated fund, run the Remaining Appropriated Budget Report. This report provides a summary of the remaining budget for appropriated funding sources.

For transactions coded to a local fund, run the Local Budget Variance Report. This report provides a summary of the budget and actual expenses for local funding sources.

Appropriated and Local Summary – BvA
Run the Budget vs Actuals (BvA) Reports at least once per month to monitor department-specific financial activity for combinations of funding segment string values by fund. For more information about BvA Reporting, visit Financial Reporting.


What attachments are required when submitting Purchase Requisitions?

  • Contract/Agreement: Boise State contract template or Supplier contract and/or agreements, including supplier contact name, phone number, and email.
  • Supplier Quote: Quotes that include supplier information, item descriptions, and prices.
  • Procurement Policy Exemption form must be submitted for the following exemption request types:
    • Exemption from Using a Mandatory State Contract
    • Sole Source Bidding Exemption
    • Emergency Purchase Bidding Exemption
    • Direct Negotiation Bidding Exemption
    • Scientific Equipment for Research Bidding Exemption
  • Excess, Salvage, or Trade-In Form: This form is required when your purchase involves a trade-in.


  • Follow the steps on the Inviting Vendors to PaymentWorks job aid to add a new supplier to Bronco Hub. Do not request a Substitute W-9 from the vendor/supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of my requisition?
Check the status of a Requisition by following the instructions in the Reviewing Requisition Status job aid.

Best Practices

  • Ensure the Requester and Funding Source are correct prior to submitting to ensure Standard Approval Workflow routes correctly.
  • Do not include sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, banking or credit card account numbers, etc. in attachments submitted with Requisitions.
  • Attach all documents to the Requisition header in Bronco Hub.
  • Project funded Requisitions: If entering a project segment (7th segment, 10 digits) in the funding segment string of a Requisition, you must also complete the POET fields or the transaction will be rejected upon initiation of the approval workflow. See the Submitting a Requisition┬ájob aid for step by step instructions.
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