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Sponsored Programs

One-stop-shop for Business Managers working with Sponsored Programs.

Getting Started

What do I need to know before getting started in Bronco Hub?

  • Business Managers and department/college administrative staff support Principal Investigators in their department/college in managing sponsored project activities.
  • Principal Investigators (PIs) have primary responsibility for achieving the technical success of sponsored projects, while also complying with the financial and administrative policies and regulations associated with the sponsored project agreement. The Principal Investigator webpage has tools and resources for those in that role.
  • See the Responsibilities Matrix to learn more about sponsored project responsibilities for Campus Business Manager, Principal Investigator and Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • To review a list of active projects, run the Active Project List.
  • The Awards module in Bronco Hub provides a quick view of the awards and associated projects for individual users. Important Note: The expenditures in the Awards module are updated periodically throughout the day and will not always sync with the Budget vs Actuals report, which is updated overnight.
  • The Awards Module can be found on the My Organization and Sponsored Projects tabs of Bronco Hub.
  • Visit the Navigating the Awards Work Area document for detailed information related to the Awards module in Bronco Hub.
  • Sponsored project funded transactions entered in Bronco Hub must include POET segments. To learn more about POET segments in Bronco Hub, visit the Project [POET] Segment String Context document.
  • Take the time to explore the Business Managers webpage to see available tools and information.
  • When in doubt, reach out to your Office of Sponsored Projects team at

Training Opportunities

Research Administration Development Program

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) offers a two-year training program designed to offer peer training, leadership opportunities and mentoring experiences to college and department-based research administration professionals. For more information, visit the ReADy: Research Administration Development Program page.


Sponsored Programs Budget vs Actual (BvA)

The Sponsored Programs Budget vs Actual (BvA) should be used to monitor sponsored program activities for any combination of Awards, Projects, Colleges, Departments and/or Principal Investigators. The BvA allows visibility of the actual and committed expenditure totals in the financial system along with the established budget on the sponsored project. The report is refreshed nightly so with the exception of that day’s transactions, it is current. The BvA report allows the user to track spending trends and stay abreast of activities that impact the management of projects and awards.

  • Use this tool to ensure there is budget available for planned transactions and keep the PI up-to-date on remaining funds available.
  • The report face shows the Award number and name, the proposal number, the Project number and name, the PI, the Project start and end dates, the fund code, the cost center, and budget, actual expenditures, commitments, amount remaining and budget percent remaining by budget category.
  • Use the filters at the top of the page to choose what information you want to view. You can view by Project, by Department, by PI etc to narrow down the result to the level in which you desire to review.
  • Keep in mind the Commitment column only includes items encumbered in the financial system – travel authorizations, purchase orders, and pending invoices. Payroll commitments are not included.
  • When viewing the BvA, you can click on the hyperlinks in the report for detail. For example if you want to see what transactions are included in Other Expenses, Commitment, just click on the figure listed in that column and you will be directed to a new page with spending detail.
  • When reviewing the BvA pay special attention to the burn rate, overspending in a category or project overall, project information that doesn’t match your records.

Best Practices

What are best practices for Business Managers working with Sponsored Programs?

  • Get to know the other Business Managers/Sponsored Project support personnel on campus, they are your best resource for how-to information.
  • Monitor the BvA and communicate with PIs on a monthly basis. This ensures corrections are made in a timely fashion and paves the way to a smooth close-out.
  • Be aware that Sponsor Revenue is credited when the invoice is sent, not when it is paid.
    Know when GFDFs and EAF due dates occur and allow several days for processing due to the number of approvers required.
  • Be aware that the Procurement process for products and services will take longer for a Grant purchase than a non-Grant purchase. There are specific compliance issues that must be reviewed so add at least a week to the timeline typically expected for a purchase (ie. a Contract for OGC has a minimum two week turn around so allow three weeks for a Sponsored Project Grant).
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