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New Checklists for Social Media, Web, and Email Accessibility

We’ve developed new checklists to help campus communicators and marketers review their social media posts, web pages, and emails for accessibility.

Digital accessibility extends beyond our university web pages. Federal law and university policies require Boise State to ensure all digital information and communications are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.

Accessibility Checklists

Social Media Content Accessibility Checklist

Our Social Media Content Accessibility Checklist focuses on image and video accessibility, and includes links to examples of social media accounts that use best practices.

Email Content Accessibility Checklist

As the university begins using Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send campaign emails (and continues to use other services with HTML templates), it’s important to apply accessibility best practices when creating your email messages.

Our Email Content Accessibility Checklist covers structure, color, text, images, links, and media.

We spend a lot of time talking about how we wish more people would read important emails; let’s also make sure everyone can read them!

Web Content Accessibility Checklist

Our Web Content Accessibility Checklist distills much of the information available elsewhere on Webguide into a single page covering the basics of web accessibility requirements and best practices.

This checklist covers structure, images, media, tables and graphs, and document accessibility requirements and best practices.

More Information

We hope these checklists are helpful, and encourage you to learn more why accessibility is a requirement by browsing through the numerous accessibility resources available on Webguide.

We are also continuing to offer web and document accessibility training sessions, along with other learning opportunities. See our Training and Professional Development page for more information.

Contact us through the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357 or