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Web Content Accessibility Checklist

Please use this checklist before posting to ensure your content is accessible to everyone.


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  • Content is organized with headings and section titles (on WordPress, all panels have a title)
  • Content is organized semantically and reads from top to bottom
  • All headings are semantic (heading levels aren’t skipped. For example, H1, H2, H3, H3, H2)
  • Page title describes the page and is no more than 150 characters

For tips, go to Using accessible panels on WordPress.


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For additional information, go to Reviewing images guidelines and Using flyers on the web

Tables and Graphs

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For tips, go to Creating Accessible Data Visualization.


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Monitor your links and web content with Monsido.

Video and Audio Media

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  • Media has a text alternative available on the page.
  • Media does not rely on video or audio alone to present essential information
  • Videos have captions and audio descriptions available (auto captions have been reviewed and edited for clarity)
  • Videos and Audio have transcripts available
  • Speakers in video/audio clearly identify themselves (this provides clarity when multiple speakers are present)

Details available at Video and Audio Content accessibility resources.


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Additional resources are available on the Publishing Documents webpage.

Quality Assurance Review

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More Information

Contact the Web Accessibility Team for questions or additional information about any checklist item.

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