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Producing Time-based Media

Producing accessible time-based media (video or audio files), requires planning well before you ever start recording.

Project Management Workflow

The W3C (an international community responsible for web standards) recommends the following project management workflow for your next time-based media project:

  1. Address accessibility in video content as the video is planned and produced
  2. Develop a described version of the video at the same time as the main video, if needed
  3. Develop captions for the main video and for the described version
  4. Develop a descriptive transcript using the text from the caption files
  5. Implement it in an accesible media player (usually an existing player with good accessibility support)

Use the resources on this page to plan your next accessible time-based media project.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Information and Resources

In this section, you’ll find more information and resources on each of these steps.

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