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Resources for Parents and Families

Boise State University takes seriously its commitment to promoting a safe and welcoming environment for Minors participating in University Programs and Non-University Programs that occur on its property. Accordingly, the University implemented Boise State University Policy 12060 (Protection of Minors), to protect Program participants who are under 18 years of age and to provide guidance to University and Non-University Program staff.

University Safeguards

Boise State University takes a number of steps to establish safeguards for your child:

  • We educate University Program staff about the warning signs of Minor abuse and neglect.
  • We have established clear requirements for reporting suspected Minor abuse and neglect, as depicted in this informational graphic (PDF). This protocol is also outlined lower on this page or on the page Protocol For Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect on Campus
  • We have created a Code of Conduct for University Program staff who work with or interact with Minors, and we require Non-University Programs to have standards of conduct for their staff that are designed to prevent the abuse of Minors.
  • We require University and Non-University Program staff to complete background checks and Minor abuse prevention training prior to participating in the Program.
  • We prohibit harassment and discrimination on the basis of any status protected under applicable federal, state or local law as stated in Boise State’s Notice of Nondiscrimination.

What you can do

In addition to the steps Boise State University has taken, there are important things you can do to protect your child:


In case of an emergency, always dial 9-1-1.

Report to Law Enforcement on Campus

To make a report to law enforcement on campus, call the Boise State University Department of Public Safety at (208) 426-6911.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

To make a report to the child protection division at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW), call (208) 334-5437.

  • After making a report to either law enforcement or IDHW, or to report other concerns regarding Minors to the University, contact the Boise State University Minors on Campus Program Coordinator by calling (208) 426-1258, or by emailing
  • Boise State has specific support and reporting options in cases of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, which apply to Minors involved in University and Non-University Programs. To see these support and reporting options visit, Support and Reporting Options for Survivors of Sexual assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking.

Topics to Talk About

Talk to your child using age-appropriate language about the following:

  • Explain that they should not be alone with a Program staff member and that at least two Program staff members should be present at all times (with the exception of Programs that require one-on-one interaction, such as for private lessons).
  • Children should always “hang with the group.”
  • The difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching.
  • The fact that children can say NO to any touch they don’t want and that they should trust and pay attention to their feelings and ask questions when they feel uncomfortable or confused.
  • The fact that children can and should speak up if they ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Bronco Alerts

BroncoAlert is a phone and text-based system that allows the university to proactively notify students, faculty, and staff when an emergency is taking place on or near campus. BroncoAlert will only be used in critical situations, including weather emergencies with the potential to affect health or safety. Visit the Emergency Management & Continuity website to learn how to update your information on your myBoiseState BroncoAlert Preferences page so you can stay informed about emergencies impacting the campus.

Rave Guardian Mobile Safety App

The Rave Guardian mobile safety app is a free app available for both iOS and Android devices available to anyone with a Boise State email address. This app allows users to send an anonymous text or photo tips to the Boise State University Department of Public Safety for suspicious or criminal activities witnessed on campus. In addition, the “Call Public Safety” button will contact the Boise State University Department of Public Safety Communications Center (24/7) with the tap of a finger, providing the user’s information and GPS location while talking with a dispatcher. Visit the Emergency Management & Continuity website for more information on the Rave Guardian app.

Other Helpful Resources