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Orange Line

Walking Directions

  1. Exit the way you came in. 
  2. Once out of the garage, follow the line where the sidewalk meets the grass until the grass ends and turn right. 
  3. Follow the sidewalk to the corner. 
  4. Once you have reached the corner, turn right. 
  5. Follow the sidewalk, locating where the grass meets the concrete on the right side of the sidewalk. 
  6. Follow this until you find a small pavilion on the right. 

You found the bus stop!


Here is your next task.

Wait for the orange line. Keep in mind there are two bus routes running during the summer, the orange line and the blue line. Be sure you take the orange line. Greet the bus driver and tell them that you want to go to the Clearwater Building downtown and that you would like them to tell you when they’ve reached that stop. If they are unaware of which building you are talking about, tell them it is the computer science building downtown. Now find a seat and enjoy your ride.