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Fix Policy Violations

As we finalize institutional policies in Monsido, we will update this page with information. In the meantime, you’ll find a list of the policies we do have in place in the Monsido Policy Directory section with information about what it means and how to fix it.

About the Monsido Policy Directory

The policies listed here are not policies from the University Policy Manual but instead are policies located within Monsido to help monitor our web environment and identify areas for accessibility compliance and align with university web standards.

Monsido Policy Directory

Albertsons Library

What it means?

This page contains one or more references to “Albertson’s” Library. Albertsons does not have an apostrophe.

How to fix?

Locate the reference on your page and remove apostrophe from Albertsons.

Multiple Inaccessible PDFs - Review, Replace, or Remove

What it means?

This page contains multiple inaccessible PDFs that we may, or may not have the resources to remediate in a timely manner. The accessibility statement was added to alert users who they can contact in the case of an access barrier. This is not a permanent solution and should not be used as one.

How to fix?

Please review the PDFs on this page and make a plan to update the content. Options include:

  1. Removing outdated content,
  2. Making it available by request only
  3. Replacing with HTML content, or
  4. Request a remediation quote in Monsido

If you have questions or need assistance developing a remediation plan, please contact

Review bold text and if necessary, replace with a heading

What it means?

Bold or strong text should not be used as a section heading on a webpage.

How to fix?

Review this page and if the bold text is acting like a section heading, replace with the appropriate heading tag.

For questions, contact