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Navigate the Dashboard

The Monsido Dashboard is your first stop in monitoring your website. From this dashboard you can get a snapshot view of all the modules and quickly access areas that need attention.

On this page, you’ll tour the Monsido Dashboard to learn how to navigate and find different resources in the platform.

Dashboard Module Tour

The Monsido Dashboard has seven main areas:

  1. Domains – Select the main domain or an assigned group
  2. Primary navigation links – Access the Home, Domain Overview, Global Policy Overview, Report Center, Search, and Heatmaps links
  3. Help and Profile – Access chat support, notifications, the Monsido knowledge base, shortcuts, and account profile
  4. Secondary navigation links – Access dashboard, prioritized content, policies, quality assurance, accessibility, SEO, heartbeat, performance, statistics, and inventory
  5. Scan History – Review a history of the scan and information about the current scan
  6. Important Notifications – Quick view of links to the most important issues for this domain and group
  7. Module Snapshots – Quick view of status for content policies, quality assurance, accessibility, search engine optimization, heartbeat, and statistics