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Linking to Social Media

Boise State University social media accounts are linked in the footer on most page templates.

If you would like to link to (and add icons for) your own department’s social media accounts you can do so by filling out the social media fields in your site settings located at Settings > Site Settings > Contact Info.

There are individual fields for your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn accounts  which will automatically populate with social icons in your site’s footer when filled in.

Alternatively, it is also conventional to add text links in a default WordPress editor or the text area of one of the other panels that textually link to your social media accounts.

For example:
Boise State University on Twitter
Check out Boise State University on Facebook!

Social Media and Accessibility

When sharing images through online platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, utilize the built in accessibility features to add alternative text to images. When sharing media like videos through these platforms, ensure they include accurate captions. This creates a better experience for users and also ensures that images and media shared in Boise State social feeds are accessible for those with low or no vision.