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WordPress Access

Access to Boise State WordPress access is provided through the Office of Information Technology.

How to Request Access

Your supervisor may request access for you by emailing the Help Desk at Indicate the level of access needed (Administrator, Editor, Author).

The Help Desk will assign the request to the WordPress Support team. The WordPress Support team may consult with the primary contact for your website to confirm your access.

Required Web Accessibility Compliance Training

If a new account is added to WordPress, the account owner must complete a short, self-paced online training about the basics of web accessibility within 30 days:

WordPress Accessibility Compliance

This training is required to ensure compliance with University Policy 8140, “Information Technology Accessibility.”

Who Can Request Access?

Boise State faculty, staff, and student employees (or affiliates) may request access to WordPress sites. Note that only active faculty and staff (not students) may be considered as “Primary Site Administrators.”

Generic “maildrop” accounts (e.g., are not allowed for WordPress permissions. Every individual accessing WordPress must have a unique account.

How to Access Boise State WordPress

You will receive instructions to access Boise State WordPress when your account is created.

If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk.

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