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Posts and News

WordPress publishes content in two essential formats: Pages and Posts. Most Boise State University web content consists of Pages, but it can be useful to know the difference between the two types and when it may be appropriate to use Posts.

  • Posts are generally considered to contain dynamic web content, like department news or blog posts. Pages present static information to viewers.
  • Posts are always associated with a date, which is included in the Post’s URL (web address).
  • Posts can be presented by date, category, or tag. Pages cannot be associated with Categories and Tags but can be organized in hierarchical parent-child relationships.

The News Feed panel can be used to display posts on your site.

Post Categories and Tags

Posts aren’t hierarchical like Pages, so they don’t have parent pages or page order attributes; however, they do require at least one Category.

It’s a good idea to use just a handful of descriptive Categories throughout your Posts, rather than creating a unique Category for every single one; more specific Tags will help further refine the description of a Post’s content.

Categories are general in nature; Tags are specific.

If you don’t choose a Category for a Post, WordPress will apply a default Category of “Uncategorized”. Categories and tags can be edited after publishing as well.