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Manage Users

Review Users

User management is a critical task for site administrators. For security reasons, it is important to periodically review the list of users on your site.

  • Ensure users have the correct level of access. Give users the lowest level of access they need to complete their assigned tasks. Review the WordPress codex for additional information about user roles.
  • Remove users who no longer need access to your site.

User Management


Instructions for managing users on sites using Boise State’s panels WordPress theme are available under Documentation Links in the Network Manager Messages area of the WordPress dashboard. To review, log into your site, view the WordPress admin Dashboard and click on the “Manage WordPress Users Documentation” link.

User Configuration

The WordPress Visual Editor is required for panels functionality. If the “Disable the visual editor when writing” checkbox is checked on the Edit User screen, that user will not be able to build or edit panels in WordPress.

Access for Students and Generic Accounts

Students must either have student employee or affiliate accounts to access Boise State’s WordPress environment.

Also, generic “maildrop” accounts (e.g., are not allowed for WordPress permissions. Every individual accessing WordPress must have a unique account.

Contact the OIT Accounts team at for more information.