Content Visibility and Publishing

Once you’ve finished configuring and adding content to your Page or Post, click “Preview” to make sure it looks okay. Then click either Save Draft or Publish (or, depending on your WordPress role, “Submit for Review” may be the only option available).

All Boise State WordPress sites have dynamically generated sitemaps that contain all published pages and posts on a site. These sitemaps help crawlers like Siteimprove and search engines find content. However, it is important to note that:

  • If you have pages/posts that are still in development, they should be left in “Draft” status until you are ready for users to see them.
  • If content is no longer needed, it should be deleted. To delete content select “Move to Trash” from the page or post editing screen.

Maintenance Mode

The Maintenance Mode option in the Edit Page or Edit Post screen can be used to temporarily hide a page or post from users. Toggling “Maintenance Mode” to Yes on a page/post and clicking “Update” will show a “Page under maintenance. Sorry, this page is undergoing scheduled maintenance. It’ll be back shortly.” message on the page.

WordPress Visibility Options

Additionally, WordPress allows you to control the visibility of your Posts and Pages individually. By default, all Posts and Pages are visible to the public.

Options are:

  1. Public: The default, viewable to all.
  2. Password Protected: Password protected pages are not recommended as a method to restrict access to internal documents or content that should not be publicly available. Non-public content can be added to Google Drive or a Google Site. Access can then be controlled through Google permissions.
  3. Private: This option hides the content from the public. Logged in Boise State Admins and Editors can view content.

For instructions about how to set up and use the content visibility options in WordPress see the WordPress Codex on Content Visibility