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Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research


The Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research (ICUR) is a multifaceted, multicultural event held every summer on campus at Boise State University. The ICUR makes research accessible, interactive, and fun for students and participants. Undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds and disciplines gather to present the results of their original research in poster presentations to faculty, the public, and their peers from across the country. This high-intensity two-day event also focuses on integrating educators to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Materials for Energy and Sustainability participants look forward to presenting their summer research at the ICUR each year. This is the first opportunity for many undergraduate students to present their work in a professional setting. Presenting at the ICUR allows students to gain experience participating in a comprehensive scientific conference. Students fine-tune their presentation skills, network with the scientific community, and attend professional development workshops.

Virtual Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research 2024

17 – 18 July 2024
Boise State University

Participant Posters

2023 REU in Materials for Society participant posters

Poster TitleStudent(s) and FacultyDownload Poster (PDF)
Printable Bioscaffolds Using Ti3C2 MXene for Musculoskeletal Tissue EngineeringAnnaka Tibbits, David EstradaPoster by Annaka Tibbits
Corona Poling of Printed Piezoelectric FilmsClaire Chen, Zhangxian DengPoster by Claire Chen
Characterization of Zirconium Carbide Pellets for Nuclear Thermal PropulsionEzra Acero, Brian JaquesPoster by Ezra Acero
The Synthesis and Study of Nanoparticles of Niobium Oxide as Negative Electrodes in Li-ion BatteriesJake Cuzick, Hui (Claire) XiongPoster by Jake Cuzick
Empirical Modeling of B-site Ordered Triple PerovskitesJessica Phuong and Sophie McManus, Rick UbicPoster by Jessica Phoung and Sophie McManus
Exploring the Effects of Indium in a Four Element Magnetic AlloyKenny Au, Peter MüllnerPoster by Kenny Au
Applying Direct Electrical Stimulus to Drive Cell Behavior for 3D Tissue EngineeringOlivia Nielson, David EstradaPoster by Liv Nielson
Material Parameter Estimation from Microstructure Morphologies with Machine LearningMalcolm Hodson, Mahmood MamivandPoster by Malcolm Hodson
Coarse-graining of Anisotropic Molecules for Energy Materials SimulationsNoah Montrose, Eric JankowskiPoster by Noah Montrose

2022 REU in Materials for Society participant posters

Poster TitleStudent(s) and FacultyDownload Poster (PDF)
Thermodynamic Study of Carbon Mineralization with Recycled Concrete Fines for Carbon Capture and Utilization ApplicationsAkhila Mattapalli, Yang LuPoster by Akhila Mattapalli
Optimizing Three-Dimensional Bioprinting for Cell Culture ScaffoldsEmma Brudos, David EstradaPoster by Emma Brudos
All-Printed Morphing ElectronicsJack Messerli-Wallace, Zhangxian (Dan) DengPoster by Jack Messerli-Wallace
Comparison of DFT Basis Sets for Organic DyesKaden Shaw, Lan LiPoster by Kaden Shaw
Niobium Doped Hydrothermal Titanium Dioxide Nanotubes as a Negative Electrode in Lithium-Ion BatteriesKyle Reche, Hui (Claire) XiongPoster by Kyle Reche
Prediction of Onsager and Gradient Energy Coefficients from Microstructure Images with Machine LearningLeo Smith, Mahmood MamivandPoster by Leo Smith
Materials Parameter Estimation from Microstructures with Deep Learning: Thermodynamic Parameters Database GenerationMackenzie Van Hees, Mahmood MamivandPoster by Kenzie Van Hees
Characterizing Rheological Effects of Corn Oil on Fresh State Concrete Mixtures for 3D Printing ApplicationsMary Hochberg, Yang LuPoster by Mary Hochberg
Optimizing ATDC5 Seeding of Graphene Foam for Cartilage Tissue EngineeringOlivia Nielson, David EstradaPoster by Olivia Nielson
Magneto-Mechanics of Magnetic Shape-Memory Crystals with Micropeened SurfacesZane Harbison, Peter MüllnerPoster by Zane Harbison

2021 REU in Materials for Society participant posters

Poster TitleStudent(s) and FacultyDownload Poster (PDF)
Synthesis and Characterization of Doped CeO2 as a Surrogate Nuclear FuelAlexander Nadermann, Brian JaquesPoster by Alex Nadermann
Room-Temperature Fabrication of Dielectric CeramicsAlison Block, Rick UbicPoster by Alison Block
Validating Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Nonfullerene Acceptors for Organic PhotovoltaicsBryan Wright and Lina Zhu, Eric JankowskiPoster by Bryan Wright & Lina Zhu
Hybrid Perovskites for PhotovoltaicsEamon Bartlett, Rick UbicPoster by Eamon Bartlett
Magnetostrictive Harvesters Must be Large to be EffectiveJacob Furgison, Zhangxian DengPoster by Jacob Furgison
Materials Parameters Prediction from Microstructure by Machine Learning: Database GenerationJason Hatfield, Mahmood MamivandPoster by Jason Hatfield
Additive Manufacturing of Piezoelectric DevicesKristen Epperly, Zhangxian DengPoster by Kristen Epperly
Bioscaffold Synthesis for Musculoskeletal Tissue EngineeringNina Yao, David Estradaposter by Nina Yao
Atomic Layer Deposition on Alkali Transition Metal Oxides as Cathode Materials for Sodium Ion BatteriesStephanie McCallum, Hui (Claire) Xiongposter by Stephanie McCallum

2019 REU in Materials for Society participant posters

Poster TitleStudents and FacultyDownload Poster (PDF)
Bottom-Up Synthesis of Nickel and Copper Nanoparticle Ink for Aerosol Jet PrintingAlexis Quick, Nicholas McKibben, David EstradaPoster by Alexis Quick
Phase Field Modeling of the Tetragonal-to-Monoclinic Phase Transformation in ZirconiaMatthew Trappett, Morgan Diefendorf, Mahmood MamivandPoster by Matt Trappett
Structural Distortions of Perovskite Ceramics Can Be Accurately Predicted Using Only Published Ionic-Radius DataOlivia Wander, Evan Smith, Rick UbicPoster by Olivia Wander
First-Principles Study for ALD of MoS2Sean Martin, Matthew Lawson, Lan LiPoster by Sean Martin
Making Gems in MinutesZoe Hern, Ali Mustafa, Brent Johnston, Peter MüllnerPoster by Zoe Hern
Intergrowth Structural Cathode MaterialsMalia Dustin, Julie Pipkin, Eric Gabriel, Yingying Xie, Claire XiongPoster by Malia Dustin
Black Phosphorus Synthesis and Exfoliation via Ball MillingKeaton M. Turney, Samuel Pedersen, Chad Husko, Josh Wood, David Estrada, Brian JaquesPoster by Keaton Turney
Additive Manufacturing of Magnetostrictive Cobalt Ferrite Thin Films for Structural Energy HarvestingKailey Blair, Zhangxian (Dan) Dengposter by Kailey Blair
Our Simulations Show How Organic Molecules Arrange Themselves in Solar Cell Materials. It’s a Mess, but It’s Efficient.Mia Klopfenstein, Cecily Martin, Nathanael Schwindt, Evan Miller, Matthew Jones, Eric Jankowskiposter by Ellie Martin and Nate Schwindt
Multimodal Characterization and Testing of Heat-Reflective Coatings to Mitigate the Urban Heat IslandMolly Vitale-Sullivan, Aidin Golrokh, Yang Luposter by Molly Vitale-Sullivan

2018 REU in Materials for Society participant posters

Poster TitleStudents and FacultyDownload Poster (PDF)
Magnetomechanics of Magnetic Shape Memory MicropumpsAnnika Thomas, Sierra Sandison, Andrew Armstrong, P. MullnerPoster by Annika Thomas
Additive Manufacturing of Nanomaterial Based Sensors for Extreme EnvironmentsCasey Cornwell, Twinkle Pandhi, Kiyo Fujimoto, Harish Subbaraman, David EstradaPoster by Casey Cornwell
Empirical Modeling of B-site Ordered PerovskitesClaire Adams, Evan Smith, Rick UbicPoster by Claire Adams
Phase Field Modeling of Martensitic Phase Transformation in NitinolEric Rivera, Mahmood MamivandPoster by Eric Rivera
Transverse Rupture Strength of CeO2 as a Surrogate Nuclear FuelJayson G. Foster, Adrianna E. Lupercio, Brian J. JaquesPoster by Jayson Foster
Nanoporous Niobium Oxide as an Anode for Na-ion BatteriesSam Frisone, Pete Barnes, Kiev Dixon, Hui (Claire) XiongPoster by Sam Frisone
Molecular Simulations of Organic Semiconductors for Clean Energy ProductionSamantha Chesser, Ramon Mendoza, Mia Klopfenstein, Mike Henry, Evan Miller, Matthew Jones, Eric JankowskiPoster by Samantha Chesser and Ramon Mendoza
Two-Dimensional Electronic Materials: Transition Metal
Dichalcogenides (TMD)
Sven Marnauzs, Matthew Lawson, Lan Liposter by Sven Marnauzs
Heat-Reflective Coating for Reduction of Urban Heat IslandNicholas W. Moore, Aidin J. Golrokh, Yang Luposter by Nick Moore

2017 REU in Materials for Society participant posters

Poster TitleStudents and FacultyDownload Poster (PDF)
Expanding Empirical Models of PerovskitesChris Hancock, Evan Smith, Dr. Rick UbicResearch Poster - Chris Hancock
Examining the Effects of Phosphazene Additives in Electrolytes for Sodium Ion BatteriesDevin T. Krasowski, Kassiopeia Smith, Andreas Savva, Dr. Claire XiongResearch Poster - Devin Krasowski
Hybrid Perovskite Solar CellsErik Nordquist, Brad Kinney, Dr. Rick Ubic Research Poster - Erik Nordquist
Two-Dimensional Transition Metal
Dichalcogenides (2D-TMDs) Studies via Computer Calculations
Ian Rivera-Colón, Matthew Lawson,
Dr. Lan Li
Research Poster - Ian Rivera
Fabrication and Characterization of Uranium-based Nuclear FuelsJoshua Winger, Jennifer Watkins, Brian J. JaquesResearch Poster - Josh Winger
Computational Modeling of 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides by Atomic Layer DepositionJoy Sigurdson, Matthew Larson, Saida Razaee, Dr. Elton Graugnard, Dr. Lan LiResearch Poster - Joy Sigurdson
Improving Spatial Resolution of Induced Positron Annihilation Powder River Basin Graphene InksKatarzyna Lewandowska, Michael Seas, Twinkle Pandhi, Ashita Chandnani, Harish Subbaraman,
Patrick Johnson,
David Estrada (Mentor)
Research Poster - Kat Lewandowska
High-throughput molecular simulations into the morphology of P3HT:PCBM blendsPaul Chery, Kyle Miller, Evan Miller, Dr. Eric JankowskiResearch poster - Paul Chery and Kyle Miller
Impact of Micro-Peening on the Surface of Ni-Mn-GaP. Plaskonos, A. Armstrong, Dr. Peter MüllnerResearch Poster - Paige Plaskonos