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Research At A Glance

Welcome to the College of Engineering “Research at a Glance.” Select the image or button below for concise information about each college researcher and research team.

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Partnerships help research thrive. Therefore, we want to make it easy for potential collaborators, students, and funders to engage with wide-ranging physical and social science.

Abbreviated Version

If you have difficulty accessing the document, scroll down this page for a list of our research funders, followed by a more abbreviated version of “Research at a Glance.”

Research Funders

Abbreviated Research at a Glance

The following tables offer an accessible, but abbreviated version of “Research at a Glance.”

  • Locations Shown—City Center Plaza (CCP) and the U.S. Bank Building next door (U.S. Bank); Charles P. Ruch Engineering (RUCH); the Environmental Research Building (ERB); Harry Morrison Civil Engineering (HML); the Micron Center for Materials Research (MCMR); the Micron Engineering Center (MEC); the Multipurpose Classroom Building (MPCB), and the Yanke Family Research Park (YFRB).
  • Directions—To find a location, search by code or name at the Campus Map.

National Center

This National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center develops novel coatings and functionalities enabled by two-dimensional materials. Penn State University leads with other university, industry, and government partners, including Boise State.

Center for Atomically Thin Multifunctional Coatings (ATOMIC)

David Estrada, Boise State University Site Director

Computer Science

An overview provides comprehensive details including faculty research areas by category, individual, center, lab, and program. There is also a description of available Research Experience for Undergraduate opportunities, summaries of grants and awards, and recent masters and PhD theses.

Research Area or LabLocationContact
Adapt Data Flow Optimizations LabCCPCatherine Olschanowsky
Artificial Intelligence-based Security LabU.S. BankEdoardo Serra,
Francesca Spezzano
Computer Graphics and Visualization GroupCCPSteven Cutchin
Computing and Artificial Intelligence Lab for Physical SciencesCCPMin Long
Data Security-preserving Computing LabCCPJyh-haw Yeh
Human-computer Interaction and Kidsteam LabCCPJerry Alan Fails

Idaho Election Cybersecurity Center

Note: This investigator also directs a second lab.
CCPHoda Mehrpouyan
Information Security, Privacy, and Mining LabCCPGaby Dagher
Privacy and Industrial Control Systems Security Lab

Note: This investigator also directs a second lab
CCPHoda Mehrpouyan
Program Analysis for Software Verification
CCPElena Sherman
Software Engineering and Analytics Lab

CCPNasir Eisty
Speech, Language & Interactive Machines GroupU.S. BankCasey Kennington
Trustworthy and Robust Artificial Intelligence LabCCPJun Zhuang

Construction Management is in the RUCH facility. Anthony Perrenoud directs this multi-institutional group that conducts and applies research to promote the construction industry, educate its workers, and attract future workers.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

A research highlights overview provides research news, as well as a comprehensive list of active research programs by research area.

Research Area or LabLocationContact
Applied Magnetics and Photonics LaboratoryMECKarthik Srinivasan
Biomedical Imaging Research LaboratoryRUCHNeal K. Bangerter
Electronic and Neuromorphic Devices and Systems lab
Note: See further for another Cantley lab.
MECKurtis Cantley
Electronics and Natural Sciences Research Lab MECKris Campbell
Hartman Systems Integration LabMECSin Ming Loo
High Performance Systems on Reconfigurable ChipsMECNader Rafla
Integrated Bioelectronic Medicine Lab
MECBenjamin Johnson
Low-Power Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems LaboratoryMECOmiya Hassan
Plasma and Vacuum Electron Devices LabMECJim Browning
Power Research LabMECSaid Ahmed-Zaid,
Emeritus Faculty
Transport Characterization Lab
Note: See previous for another Cantley lab.
MCMR, RUCHKurtis Cantley,
David Estrada (MMSE)

Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

An overview provides summaries of research labs and centers and identifies research faculty in five areas: biomedical engineering, energy systems, engineering education, materials, and systems and controls. There is also a nice introduction to here to explain the benefits to undergraduates of participating in research.

Research Area or LabLocationContact
Center for Orthopaedic & Biomechanics Research The department maintains an affiliation with this College of Health Sciences lab, and several faculty members share equipment. Erin Mannen also shares space.YankeTyler Brown (Kinesiology)
Boise Applied Biomechanics of Infants LabYankeErin Mannen
Biomaterial & Musculoskeletal Engineering LabMECSophia Theodossiou
Ceramic Microelectrical Mechanical Systems LabMECDon Plumlee
Computational Biosciences LabMECClare Fitzpatrick
Computational Materials Design LabMECMahmood Mamivand
Digital Design and Automation LabRUCHDaicong Da
Energy Systems and Air Quality

Engineering and Computer Science Education
MCMRJoAnn Lighty

Mechanical Adaptations LabMECGunes Uzer
Northwest Tissue Mechanics LabMECTrevor Lujan
Robot Control LabMECAykut Satici
Smart Materials and Systems Lab
MECZhangxian “Dan” Deng
Thermal Transport and Solar Energy LabERB, HMLTodd Otanicar

Micron School of Materials Science and Engineering

An overview offers robust details about research news, groups, facilities, services, a database of shared instrumentation, active research projects, and recent publications.

Research Area or Lab LocationContact
Advanced Materials LabMECBrian Jaques
Advanced Nanomaterials and Manufacturing Lab
Note: See further for other Estrada labs.
MCMRDavid Estrada
Applied Electrochemistry and Corrosion Research LabMECMike Hurley
Computational Materials Design LabMECMahmood Mamivand
Computational Materials Engineering LabERBEric Jankowski
Computational Modeling for Advanced Epidemiology LabMCMRRichard Elliott
Electrochemical Energy Materials LabMECClaire (Hui) Xiong
Functional Ceramics GroupMECRick Ubic
Macromolecular Sciences LabMCMR Scott Phillips
Magnetic Materials LabERB, HMLPeter Müllner
Materials Theory and Modeling GroupMCMRLan Li
Nanoscale Materials and Device Group----
Atomic Films LabMECElton Graugnard
— Quantum DNA Research Group (video overview 5:16)

MCMRBill Knowlton
Surface Science LabMCMRPaul H. Davis,
Bill Knowlton
— Ultrafast Laser LabMCMRRyan Pensack (,
Bill Knowlton
W. M. Keck NanoEngineering LabMCMRJeunghoon Lee (MSMSE; Chemistry)
Tissue Engineering and Bioprinting Lab
(affiliated with the Biomolecular Research Center in the College of Arts and Sciences)
MCMRDavid Estrada,
Julie Oxford (Biological Sciences)
Transport Characterization Lab
Note: See previous for other Estrada labs.
MCMR, RUCHDavid Estrada,
Kurtis Cantley

Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning

An overview summarizes research and development labs, and links to lab pages.

Research Area or LabLocationContact
Interactive Learning Design LabRUCHRafael da Silva
Knowledge for Action Virtual Research LabVicki Stieha, Emeritus Faculty
Learning Strategy Lab

RUCHSeth-Aaron Martinez
Marginalized and Cross-cultural Research & Design Learning Tech GroupRUCHLisa Giacumo
Performance Support for Accessibility LabCCP, RUCHDonald Winiecki

Process Management Lab

RUCHSteve Villachica, Emeritus Faculty
Workplace-Oriented Research Central LabRUCH Seung Youn (Yonnie) Chyung
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