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Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Environment

Article: Geologists Dig Into Grand Canyon’s Mysterious Gap in Time

Article: Mural Depicts the Impact of Coral Bleaching

Powells Event: Susan Simard and Aaron Scott

Event: Earth Day 2021 – Change Starts Here

Event: Women in Environmental Leadership Series

Article: Doctoral Student Advances Vanilla Plant Research

Article: How to Help Reverse Insect Declines

Lecture: “GEAS Intro to Birding”

TED Talk: “How Trees Talk to Each Other”

TED Talk: “Indigenous Knowledge Meets Science to Solve Climate Change”

Video: “Idaho Conservation League ‘Wild Idaho!’ Sessions”

Video: “The Global Coffee Crisis is Coming”

Course: Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

Article: “‘Frequent Fliers:’ American Kestrels Take to the Skies in a New Study”

Audubon Society: Birds of Maine

Article: “Whales Get A Break As Pandemic Creates Quieter Oceans”

TED Talk: “Every Day You Live, You Impact the Planet”

Article: “The Case of the Missing Bacteria”

Article: “How We Discovered the Conditions Behind ‘Slow Earthquakes’ That Happen Over Weeks or Even Months”

Podcast Episode: “The Science Behind That Fresh Rain Smell”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Planet in Peril”

30th Annual Grand Canyon Star Party: June 13-20

Article: “Coronavirus Closures Could Lead to a Radical Revolution in Conservation”

Lecture: “Environmental Health Challenges in Developing Countries: A Guatemalan Case Study”

TED Talk: “How Monitoring Animal Health can Predict Human Disease Outbreaks”

Article: “Mapping Idaho Herbivores’ ‘Salad Bar’ from the Sky”

Article: “Unlocking Geochronology Mysteries in the Grand Canyon”

Article: “Out of the Classroom, Into the Field”

Osher Institute Lecture: “History of Good Earth State Park at Blood Run”

Live Animal Cams from Zoos and Aquariums

Osher Institute Course: “Facing the Future: Challenges of Climate Change”

Video: “Everyday Decisions and Environmental Changes”

Article: “Everything You Wanted to Know About Red Tides”

Article: “Covid-19 Can’t Stop Citizen Science”

TED Talk: “What Vaccinating Vampire Bats can Teach us About Pandemics”

Course: “A Sustainable Earth”

The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks

Osher Presenter Book Release: Journey of the Bitterroot Grizzly Bear

TED Talk: “The Amazing Brains and Morphing Skin of Octopuses and Other Cephalopods”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Monarch Butterflies”

Health and Well-Being

Article: Breathing Wildfire Smoke Can Affect the Brain

Video: Maintaining Your Sense of Self in the Pandemic

Article: How Exercise Enhances Aging Brains

Article: NIH Networks to Advance Emotional Well-Being Research

Osher Institute Speaker Series: Sleep and Dreams During COVID-19

Osher Institute Lecture: Healthcare Does Not Equal Health

Article: “How to Care for Your Mental Health in a Difficult Holiday Season, According to Therapists”

Article: Dr. Anthony Fauci on COVID-19 Vaccines and the Holidays

Article: “Older adults have more control over their aging than they think”

Article: “A Young Athlete’s Breathing Problems Weren’t Asthma. What Were They?”

Article: “How To Mitigate Loneliness And Its Consequences”

Video: “Stopping Pandemics”

Great Decisions Episode: “Global Health: Preventing Pandemic”

Article: “‘Doomscrolling’ During COVID-19: What It Does to You and How You Can Avoid It”

Talks at Google: “Sadhguru: ‘Developing an Inclusive Consciousness'”

Article: “How Well is Telepsychology Working?”

Lecture: “Making Marriage Work”

TED Talk: “The New Science of Personalized Vaccines”

Talks at Google: “Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams”

Article: “Racial Disparities in the Time of COVID-19”

Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Five”

Article: “Chinese Philosophy has Long Known That Mental Health is Communal”

Article: “The Best Way to Exercise Self-Control is Not to Exercise It At All”

Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Four”

Osher Institute Lecture: “The Doctor as a Patient: How it Changed Her Life”

Article: “The Surprisingly Long History of the Ventilator, the Machine You Never Want to Need”

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Podcast Series

TED Talk: “Why It’s So Hard to Make Healthy Decisions”

Lecture: “Depression in the U.S.”

Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Three”

TED Talk: “Why Sleep Matters Now More Than Ever”

Documentary: “Being Mortal”

Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode Two”

Osher Institute Lecture: “COVID-19 Vaccine…The Science Behind our Immunity”

Webinar: “Accelerate Out of the Curve: Episode One”

Osher Institute Course: “Maintaining Optimum Brain Health and Fitness”

ASU & Mayo Clinic Health and Well-Being Certificate

Osher Institute Lecture: “Communicating with Persons Living with Dementia”

TED Talk: “Can We Regenerate Heart Muscle with Stem Cells?”

Philosophy, Arts and Humanities

Literature for Lunch on September 3

Event: Opera in the Park

Event: The Waves in Quarantine

Boise State Biennial Faculty Exhibition

The Idea of Nature Lecture Series: Robin Wall Kimmerer

Event: Gene Harris Jazz Festival

The Idea of Nature Lecture Series: Loren Davis

Writing Workshop: Lucia Berlin

The Idea of Nature Lecture Series: Allan Wallach

James Castle House Resident Talk: A. H. Jerriod Avant

Osher Institute Speaker Series: Editors of The Diné Reader

Article: “The Idaho Review Wins Fifth Pushcart Prize”

Video: “How Four Chefs Are Preserving History Through Food”

TED Talk: “The Poetry of Everyday Speech”

Out of the Woods: A Live Play Reading Series

Lecture: “How To Speak by Patrick Winston”

Video: “Chew It Over with Jenna Wortham, Wesley Morris, and Samin Nosrat”

Sonoma Valley Authors Virtual Festival

Podcast Episode: “Playing Favorites: When Kindness Toward Some Means Callousness Toward Others”

Now Streaming: Bristol Old Vic at Home

TED Talk: “The Genius Behind Some of the World’s Most Famous Buildings”

Course: “Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature”

Available Until June 30: Just Mercy

Article: “Much of the Cuisine We Now Know, and Think of as Ours, Came to Us by War”

Now Streaming: National Theatre at Home

Podcast: “The Lonely Palette”

Spring 2020 Online BFA Exhibition

Available Until May 24: The Diary of Anne Frank

Video: “The Future of Irish Cuisine”

Video: “That Famous Cello Prelude, Deconstructed”

Documentary: “The Mystery Conman – The Murky Business of Counterfeit Antiques”

TED Talk: “How Language Shapes the Way We Think”

Now Streaming: Shakespeare’s Globe

Berliner Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall

Boston Symphony Orchestra: Concert for Our City

Virtual Exhibits from Museums Around the World

Physical Sciences, Technology and Engineering

Osher Institute Lecture: The Future of Cryptocurrency

Article: How to Get Government-Backed Discounts for High-Speed Internet

First Friday Astronomy Event on August 6

First Friday Astronomy Event on July 2

First Friday Astronomy Event on June 4

First Friday Astronomy Event on May 7

Power Talk: Planning and Policy Across Natural Gas and Power Markets

First Friday Astronomy Event on April 2

Video: Lessons From Space Quarantine

Event: Nicole Perlroth in Conversation With John Markoff

Lecture: Innovative Lives: Uncharted Power

First Friday Astronomy Event on February 5

Article: Project Scientia Spreads Science, Celebrates Spanish

Video: “Investigating the Periodic Table with Experiments”

Lecture: “Introduction to Algorithms: Algorithmic Thinking and Peak Finding”

July 19, 2020: See the Moon and Five Planets Before Sunrise

How to See Comet NEOWISE

Video: “Titanium: The Metal That Made The SR-71 Possible”

Join an Interview with Boise Astronauts on June 24

Talks at Google: “Catch Me If You Can: Frank Abagnale”

Lecture: “Lessons from Space Quarantine”

Podcast: “Startalk” with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Video: “How Ads Follow You Around the Internet”

Lecture: “Solar Geoengineering to Manage Climate”

TED Talk: “Why Isn’t the Netherlands Underwater?”

Lecture: “Defining Mathematical Properties of Three-Dimensional Shapes”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Wind Energy and the Changing Electric Generation Mix”

TED Talk: “How We Explore Unanswered Questions in Physics”

Lecture: “Reverse Engineering Visual Intelligence”

Celebrating 30 Years of the Hubble Space Telescope

SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launch on April 22

Osher Institute Lecture: “Beyond Earth: 50 Years Since Apollo 11”

Documentary: “In the Age of AI”

MIT OpenCourseWare

TED Talk: “The Art and Science of Special Effects”

Osher Institute Lecture: “My Trip to the International Space Station”

Public Affairs, History, Business and Current Events

9/11 20th Anniversary Events

Alturas Institute’s 7th Annual Conversations With Exceptional Women

Osher Institute Lectures: Summer Speaker Series

Osher Institute Lecture: Dear Bob…

Juneteenth: A Celebration of Resilience

Event: A Conversation With Hannibal Johnson

Strand Event: Carol Leonnig and Stephanie Ruhle

Article: How Infrastructure has Historically Promoted Inequality

Article: Luminarias: Celebrating Latinas Who Inspire Us

Lecture: War, Combat, and the American Soldier

Event: Mother Tongue Film Festival 2021

Article: Twelve Women to Know This Black History Month

Lecture: “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration”

Osher Institute Event: “Meet the Lawyer for Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Article: “In Times of Conflict, How Can We Support the People Who Keep Culture Alive?”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Election and Voting Security in the United States”

Article: “What Bikes Tell Us About A Changing Global Economy”

Article: “The Nudge And Tie Breaker That Took Women’s Suffrage From Nay To Yea”

TED Talk: “Why Are Drug Prices So High? Investigating the Outdated US Patent System”

Article: “How Taiwanese Death Rituals Have Adapted for Families Living in the U.S.”

Great Decisions Episode: “India Rising”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Why Do We Have the Electoral College? Should We?”

Article: “What British People in 1776 Really Thought of American Independence”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Finding Itself at Odds with the Neighbor: The Case of Ukraine and Russia”

The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

Documentary: “True Justice: Bryan Stevenson’s Fight for Equality”

Documentary: “Race – The Power of An Illusion”

Talks at Google: “So You Want to Talk About Race: Ijeoma Oluo”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Early History of South Africa”

Osher Institute Lecture: “The Coming Chaos with Frank Figliuzzi”

Interview: “Executive Director Of The Idaho Black History Museum On Racial Unrest”

Documentary: “China: Power and Prosperity”

Osher Institute Course: “The World’s Longest History Lesson”

Article: “With a New Grant, Professor Aims to Catalog ‘Drowned Towns’ of the American West”

Osher Institute Lecture: “How to Talk Across the Political Divide”

Video: “This Photo Triggered China’s Cultural Revolution”

Video: “The Constitution: Changes and Challenges in US History”

Documentary: “Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis”

Documentary: “Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos”

Article: “Coronavirus Closes in on Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh’s Cramped, Unprepared Camps”

Video: “Spanish Flu: A Warning from History”

Osher Institute Lecture: “Redistricting and Gerrymandering Across the States”

Video Series: “Great Decisions 2020”

Interview: “How Small Pox Eradication May Have Lessons for COVID-19 Pandemic”

From the Osher Institute Community

New Osher Special Event Added!

Pack Your Parachute: Tech Tip for May

Pack Your Parachute: Tech Tip for April

2021 Osher Faculty Grant Recipients

A Conversation With David Pogue: An Osher Special Event

Pack Your Parachute: Tech Tip for March

Osher News – February 2021

Osher Institute 2021 Faculty Grant Applications

Spring 2021 Catalog Available Now!

Idaho Matters Episode: Osher Institute

Osher News – September 2020

Meet the Advisory Board: Rainey Pieters

Osher Institute Hike: Polecat Gulch

Meet the Advisory Board: Ralph Bild

The Fall 2020 Catalog is Online!

Meet the Advisory Board: Rod McLean

Fall 2020 Updates and Registration

Fall 2020 Catalog Coming Soon!

Osher News – July 2020

Osher Institute Hike: Veteran’s Trailhead in Eagle

Meet the Advisory Board: Carol Delaney

Resources for Learning About Injustice and Racism in America

Osher News – June 2020

Osher Institute Hike: Hulls Gulch Interpretive Trail

Meet the Advisory Board: Merilee Marsh

Osher Institute Hike: Oregon Trail Historic Preserve

Meet the Advisory Board: Susan Gibson

Osher Institute Hike: Cottonwood Trail in Military Reserve

Meet the Advisory Board: Dennis Hall

Fall 2020 Registration Information

Meet the Advisory Board: Celeste Miller

2020 Osher Faculty Grant Recipients

Meet the Advisory Board: Russ Centanni

Meet the Advisory Board: Bae Emilson

Meet the Advisory Board: Chuck Folkner

Meet the Advisory Board: Cindy Anson

The Great Courses Available for Osher Institute Members

Meet the Advisory Board: Virginia Rivers

Meet the Advisory Board: Ben Simko

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