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Video Transcript – Diversity and Community

Play Diversity and Community at Boise State

Video Transcript

So my name is Jay Nelson my pronouns are they, them, their. I’m a sociology major a senior at Boise State University and I’m also in a council member of the inclusive excellence student council in their inaugural year. Boise State has a lot of opportunities to find the support services or the communities that you’re looking for.

It’s not always easy to find particularly for myself. I am a trans and queer student at Boise State and so when I first came here I didn’t connect right away it took time. It took me working at the student diversity Center to find kind of my community on campus –finding the pocket that I felt safe and comfortable and included in and so I think that there are is a lot of opportunities in a lot of different areas on campus.

It’s just about finding which pocket you feel comfortable in or where you feel comfortable with and who you connect with and how do you build that community and what does that community look like so I think there are there are opportunities and there are services out there for students it’s just sometimes you have to look.

The best advice I always tell students when I’ve worked orientation fairs and working with incoming classmen or class folks is to find the connection for yourself you’re going to need support sometimes. College isn’t easy at times. There’s stressors. We all have personal lives sometimes a lot of us have to work school, studying, everything.

It becomes very heavy and my biggest advice is always to try to find a connection on campus. Try to find folks you relate with folks who you can turn to. Whether that’s your family if you live in the area or if you don’t live in the area and you can find friends. Whether it’s through student orgs or working on campus or just hanging out with people in the diversity Center.

I just that’s a big advice I always have is find, find people to connect with to kind of turn to when you need that support